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Ai has been married for two years and she lives with her husband's parents. Ai's husband is always focused on work, so he is superficial in sex ” and it's been two years since they had a child. Ai noticed that the love between her husband's parents was very close, they often made love to each other and she became jealous because of that. Deciding to seduce her father-in-law by confiding in her sufferings, the father-in-law soon had a craving for his beloved daughter-in-law. From that moment on he fucked Ai twice a day and was determined to help his daughter-in-law get pregnant so he could have a grandchild to carry.

Stole her beloved mother-in-law's husband
Stole her beloved mother-in-law's husband
 Quick Link: gaihu.pro/121 
 Actor: Ai Mukai 
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